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"The violin sings, but the fiddle dances."

About CrossBow

From a casual jam session in Grand Rapids, MI, to becoming a popular favorite at Celtic festivals across the Midwest, CrossBow has been humbled and excited by every turn on their musical journey.


Co-founding fiddlers, Steve Lesko and Carly Meloche, met in their high school Celtic band, the Chelsea House Orchestra. This extracurricular group also produced fiddlers, Diana Ladio (The Moxie Strings and The Elders), Kiana Weber (formerly of Gaelic Storm) and Wes Fritzemeier (The Kreellers and Thunderwüde). In 2011, Steve and Carly, along with vocalist/guitarist, Clare McMillan, founded CrossBow in a small music practice room. With just two violins and a guitar, the three young musicians never expected to showcase their traditional Irish music much beyond campus hallways and local pubs. Yet they were immediately met with overwhelming enthusiasm and the trio quickly realized they were onto something special.


Next to join the group were percussionist, Ethan Noga, and woodwind player, Adam McMillan. Through playing private parties, local fundraisers, and wherever they could find a stage, this new and quirky group generated a following and soon ventured to share their music throughout much of Michigan. To date, CrossBow has performed in every major Celtic, Scottish and Irish festival in the state, and has been featured in festivals and venues in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and New York.


As CrossBow grew in numbers, so did its repertoire. In 2016, Mike Spencer joined Ethan on a variety of drums and rounded out the band's percussion section. By incorporating pop, rock and folk sounds into their set list, CrossBow delivers a distinct, eclectic vibe that still remains true to their Celtic roots, appealing to audiences of all ages.  

Much of the thrill in experiencing a CrossBow performance actually transcends the music itself. This excitement stems from the contagious joy and camaraderie shared between the players, and communicated directly with their audience. Apparent from the moment they hit the stage – these high-energy musicians naturally feed off of one another, creating a toe-tapping, shenanigan-filled, dynamic, wholly unique performance that shouldn’t be missed.

Front Row
Steve Lesko playing fiddle in the Celtic band CrossBow at the Detroit Highland Games in Livonia Michigan

Steve Lesko,


One of the co-founders, Steve is a fiddler for CrossBow. He is also the Manager and the Keeper of Music for the group...

Adam McMillan,

Penny Whistle & Vocals

My name is Adam McMillan, and you may or may not have noticed that I am in CrossBow, since I stand in the back ...

Clare McMillan,

Guitar & Vocals

When Clare was asked in 2012 to play rhythm guitar for a group of freshman fiddlers, she said...

Carly Meloche,
Fiddle & Vocals

Carly is delighted to be a co-founder of CrossBow and one of the band's fiddle players since its inception in 2011...


Ethan Noga,

World Percussion

Ethan has been the percussionist for CrossBow since the Fall of 2012...

Michael Spencer,


In 2014, Mike began filling in as an alternate with CrossBow, until he joined as full-time member in 2016. However, Mike is no newbie...

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