Ethan Noga

Hennessy's Irish Pub - St. Patrick's Day

Michigan Irish Music Festival, Muskegon, MI

Ethan has been the percussionist for CrossBow since Fall 2012. He loves performing and being on stage and has been doing so for over 10 years. Ethan got his start playing drums for a Nirvana cover band at age 14.
Since then he has played the drums with various groups across several different styles including: jazz, punk rock, and blues. Ethan’s first experience with Celtic music came when he joined CrossBow in his first year at Grand Valley State University.
Ethan received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from GVSU. He enjoys acting, and has been in many plays, musicals, short films, and radio/internet shows. Ethan, sadly, does not have an Incredibow, because they don’t make drum stuff (yet?).

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