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Joe VanderBroek

Michael Spencer is the drummer in the Michigan Celtic band, CrossBow

Joe’s musical journey started with 14 years of classical violin and bass performance. After picking up the bass guitar and performing in jazz concerts, and other various settings, he was asked by childhood friend and CrossBow member, Adam McMillan, to take a “craic” at Celtic music and fill in for the band for a show. That was back in 2017 and we haven’t forgotten what a great job he did or how well and naturally he fit in with the group. Outside of music, Joe is an avid outdoorsman and a freelancing photographer.

Mike being Mike, Chelsea, MI

Outside of CrossBow Mike enjoys reading, his favorite authors are John Steinbeck and George Orwell. Other interests include cooking, scotch, and tea.​



Drums: Gretsch Catalina Club, 3 piece with 24" kick, 13" rack tom, 16" floor tom, and Gretsch Full Range Series 14" walnut snare drum


Cymbals: Meinl Byzance Dark 22" ride, Meinl Byzance Extra Dry 16" crash, Meinl Byzance Vintage 12" hi hat, Meinl Classics Custom Dark 18" china and 10" splash, Meinl HCS 8" bell splash


Hardware: DW kick pedal and cymbal stands

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