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Carly Meloche

Carly is delighted to be a co-founder of CrossBow and one of the band's fiddle players since its inception in 2011. She began playing the violin in 5th grade and continued through High School in Chelsea, Michigan. It was in Chelsea where Carly discovered her love for Celtic fiddling after she joined the Chelsea House Orchestra (CHO) and met CrossBow’s other future co-founder, Steve.
Carly considers CrossBow to be one of her greatest joys: while she appreciates the communications degree she gained from GVSU, Carly truly believes she has acquired many of her life skills through the process of creating and playing in this band for the past seven years.
Carly Meloche playing fiddle in CrossBow at Conor O'Neill's Irish Pub in Ann Arbor Michigan

Conor O'Neill's, Ann Arbor, MI

When she isn’t tearing bow hairs, Carly works at a private school in Ann Arbor, MI as an after school/summer camp assistant director. (You will most likely see her in true nerd form when she instructs a series of Harry Potter camps.)  Carly also spends her time journaling, meditating, pretending she can dance, and going for long, brisk walks. Like Steve, she is also outfitted with an Incredibow.

“If I could take the feeling of being onstage, bottle it, and sell it, I would be the richest man on earth.”
--Someone Wise
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