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Adam McMillan

My name is Adam McMillan, and you may or may not have noticed that I am in CrossBow, since I stand in the back and don’t move that much. That’s because I play the penny whistle, clarinet, and occasionally sing, and for all of those I have to use a mic on a stand that doesn’t move. Despite all that, if you have noticed me on stage it is probably because I am 6’4” (with shoes) and at least the top of my head should be visible. 
Adam McMillan playing penny whistle and singing in the Celtic band, CrossBow, at Irish on Ionia in Grand Rapids, Michigan for St. Patrick's Day

Irish on Ionia, Grand Rapids, MI

Other fun things I like to do outside of CrossBow include camping and exploring new places, overnight backpacking in the winter, practicing bushcraft skills, and reading, especially Lord of the Rings. By the way, my favorite Harry Potter character is Arthur Weasley.
In real life I am a Medical Student at Wayne State University School of Medicine. I am interested in primary care and will probably go into family medicine, because I believe family medicine is where the most positive and transformative change will occur to make our entire healthcare system function better.
Also, you may have noticed Clare has the same last name, and that’s because I married her. Originally, she just wanted a Scottish last name, like mine, so she could fit into a Celtic band better, but now I think she likes me.
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